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Joshua Solomon (c. 1974- ) was a White American university student who made himself look Black in 1994 to see what it would be like. He was going to do it for about four months and visit different parts of the country. He only lasted a week.

We know of at least three other “Black like me” cases:

  • 1947: Ray Sprigle
  • 1959: John Howard Griffin
  • 1969: Grace Halsell

Griffin is the famous one: he wrote “Black Like Me” (1960). When Solomon read his book in high school he knew right then that he wanted to try it himself.

Solomon grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland and had plenty of Black friends:

Whenever something went down, they always said it was racism. Education, jobs, crime, poverty, social misunderstandings – they blamed everything on color. “It’s a white man’s world,” they would say.

But he did not believe his black friends:


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The Beginning

The Beginning


I love spending time on the porch,

observing my day as it walks away,

fading from sight, I close my eyes

pray I am able to relive the moment

with friends and family before I go.

But uncertainties say to pen this poem

and jot down a description, the details,

image of a night that races to sit atop

a lofty position occupied by the brightest star,

a sun’s anger quickly transformed into

blue calm, then grey grief, then nothing

at all until small beams poke holes in a

dark cover, tearing at its fabric allowing light

to once again spill forth, bring hope

assuring all the sun forever shines

no matter what side of the planet its on.

JD Windman© 2011    4/26/11edited1/11/2013






Day one is that day, your day, it can be whatever day, whenever you need it to be. Take that day and breathe deep, meditate, get away, clear your mind, and shake it all away. Then you go back at it once again.

The Finale

The Finale

I on each sleeve
post from within,
the words I sought
in eternities clutch

those never meant to
burn thy eye but
only pierce
the leaking gut

of failed attempts
to mend a fate
with a page that
soaks in pain

my disregard
for his on guard
and stabbed through
by a very thing

an ending spilled
onto the hands
I wear as if a
warriors paint

under a lid
into a soul
and buried in
the darkest place

JDW©2012 12/30

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Please help us find my God-Daughter Jade Morris

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Good Morning Las Vegas. My 10 year old God-Daughter Jade Morris is missing. On Friday afternoon her step mother Brenda Jean Stokes picked her up and was arrested yesterday at the Bellagio Hotel after stabbing her co-worker. Now Brenda denies ever picking up Jade and no one has seen her. PLEASE SHARE THIS PICTURE ON ALL OF YOUR PAGES! PLEASE. If you have seen this baby, please DM me, email me at, and or contact the Clark County police department missing persons at (702) 828-2907.

Recent picture of Jade Morris

184399_10151919260049119_685458833_n (2)

Missing Jade Morris


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The Issue Of You Disliking Me

The Issue of You Disliking Me

This here is a poem

you call an epigram

written in three stanzas

courtesy of John

For the purpose of

addressing a few issues-

one is on writing

a type of poetry

The other is the issue

of you disliking me

I will let you discover

which is more relevant.

To a poet

JW©2012 12/20

An Epigram is a very short, satirical and witty poem usually written as a brief couplet or quatrain. The term epigram is derived from the Greek word ‘epigramma’ meaning inscription. The epigram was cultivated in the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries by poets like Ben Jonson and John Donne who wrote twenty-one English epigrams.

Into A Dense

Into A Dense

The older a man’s eyes

the more blend becomes

nil, a nonexistent issue-

dept is forgotten

thus perception quakes

at the base as well as

from far up as can be

visualized by grunt

held within the half

of what was holding had

held onto in the light of day

near the first step down

before shadows and the

creaking dark sped

the descent into dense

Listening to two of my favorite songs from two totaly different musical genres bring life into focus and peace to a heart in search of answers



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